Cannabis & Plant-based Medicine Education

Ready to End the War on Drugs?


This is me sharing my personal story about my career as Community Pharmacist and passion for Plant Medicine. Working in retail pharmacy for over a decade, is how I started practicing as a “legal” drug dealer. I have spent many years on the bench providing both prescription and non-prescription drug recommendations to patients, caregivers and doctors that needed drug advice.  

So why did Start this Blog ? Well it is simple, in many urban neighborhoods the trap house is where folks go to get served the street drugs they need. The goal is for visitors of the page will change the way they think about Cannabis and Plant Based medicine. Through dispelling myth and offering education, I will use these tools to serve the community with my Traphouse Remedies. 

After I walked across the stage to receive my doctoral degree, I learned quickly about the impact opioids we’re having in communities. With the understanding of how the crack epidemic hurt the black community. I wanted to prevent the black community from experiencing the negative effects of the current Opioid epidemic. 

With so many known benefits associated with Plant Medicine, I thought it would be a great idea to share my views as a Pharmacist. Soon after graduating, I moved to the Bay Area to learn more about alternative medicines and how they are used in practice. Working in Community Pharmacies in California gave me a chance to consult patients on when to use and the best use of many over-the-counter supplements including CBD and hemp. 

I thought it was really cool that patients were comfortable enough to come and ask me about safely using medical marijuana. Now that more states have begun legalizing the use of cannabis and hemp. I think that more people will begin to turn to cannabis as a form of treatment for pain and mood disorders. Many people are finding their way back to herbal remedies that our ancestors were doing.

Taking into account the war on drugs, which led to the criminalization of drug use and possession of many people in urban communities, I think that providing education spanning from where it's legal today and safe for consumption. 

In today's world, we are often made to believe that general medicine is the only way to heal.  

This isn’t the case, there are also herbal or plant based remedies that have the ability to heal us, boost our physical and mental well-being. 

If you are looking for a safe space to learn about self medicating using cannabis or other Plant Medicine Dr. Ashley the Traphouse Pharmacist is here to serve you. I offer Culturally-influenced Remedies that Equip Communities of Color to Overcome the symptoms of the War on Drugs.